Meet the Jury

ALEX KURUVILLA - MD of Conde Nast India

ALEX KURUVILLA – MD of Conde Nast India
The creative brain behind Conde Nast India, Alex Kuruvilla is responsible for shaping the collective fashion-consciousness of the country. And knowing what people want has always been his forte. As Head of MTV India, he once influenced a generation of youngsters growing up. Today, with high-end lifestyle magazines Vogue, GQ, Conde Nast Traveller and AD under his stewardship, Alex is taking India’s long history of luxury in exciting new directions. A connoisseur of vintage wines and fast cars, Alex Kuruvilla is the country’s leading media mogul when it comes to fashion, travel and lifestyle.
GAUTAM SINGHANIA - Chairman and MD of Raymond Group

GAUTAM SINGHANIA – Chairman and MD of Raymond Group
Gautam Hari Singhania has always charted his own course. He successfully mapped Raymonds’ transformation from Indian textile giant into a global corporate behemoth employing over 20,000 people. A natural born leader, Gautam is also the founder of India’s only super car club. Constantly on the move, this motor-buff extraordinaire owns a fleet of yatches, speed-boats, luxury cars, helicopters and a private jet. Gautam’s competitive nature got the better of the competition at the All Star European Drifting Championship that involved several pro-drifters, and the resulting victory won him an international pro-drifting license. Relentless in his pursuit of life’s exquisite joys, his private museum houses several priceless collections and is widely regarded as a virtual drive through the history of art. Evidently, Gautam Singhania’s lifestyle reflects the philosophy made famous by his company – that of the Complete Man.
RASEEL GUJRAL - Creative Director/Head of Casa Paradox

RASEEL GUJRAL – Creative Director/Head of Casa Paradox
One of India’s most accomplished luxury decor designers, Raseel Gujral is responsible for the seduction and glamour inside several celebrity homes. Initiated into the arts by her father – the acclaimed painter Satish Gujral – Raseel found her own calling by turning interiors into high-end art studios with her vivid and cerebral designs. Raseel’s work is characterized by a constant osmosis of ideas and a collage of rich vibrant colours. Her creativity perpetually in overdrive, Raseel hosted her graphic art exhibition in Delhi recently. With her impressive oeuvre, Raseel Gujral is India’s Diva of Design.

‘Clothes should be an extension of the intellect’. With this philosophy, Sabyasachi Mukherjee wowed fashion audiences in Milan, New York and Kuala Lampur. Throughout his illustrious career, Sabyasachi’s creations have been the beautiful bridge between seemingly disparate worlds – the ethnic and the urbane, the ancient and the futuristic, Western fashion sensibilities and exotic Eastern materials. His clientele include Renne Zelleweger, Resse Witherspoon and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Sabyasachi is also the youngest board member of the National Museum of Indian Cinema. His style of fusing varied styles, cultures and elements make his clothes elegantly eclectic. The founder of the SAVE THE SAREE project, Sabyasachi’s various co-operative initiatives have helped artisans and weavers from Orissa to Tamil Nadu. Credited with bringing rusticity to the ramp, Sabyasachi Mukherjee has become a global phenomenon by staying true to his roots.

SANJAY KAPOOR – MD of Genesis Luxury
Sanjay Kapoor effortlessly made the switch from banking to banking on the Indian consumer’s love affair with lifestyle. The brains behind Genesis Luxury – India’s only luxury brand conglomerate – Sanjay shooed in the luxury shopping revolution by bringing international brands like Jimmy Choo, Bottega Veneta, Paul Smith and Canali to India. He also markets the immensely popular Satya Paul brand. With a signature style characterized by restrained elegance, Sanjay is also an avid art collector with a weakness for fast cars. For this professional aesthete, life isn’t about living, it’s about living luxuriously.

Smeeta Chakrabarti has steered NDTV’s exponential growth curve for the last 20 years. From the iconic ‘The World This Week’ to NDTV’s 4 flagship channels, Smeeta has been the brains behind the benchmark for television broadcasting standards in India. As Head of Operations – NDTV, Smeeta is responsible for the high quality content and innovative programming NDTV is renowned for. But it is her role as CEO of NDTV Lifestyle, where Smeeta’s infinite knowledge of changing consumer tastes comes to the fore. The chief-architect of blockbuster shows like Highway on My Plate, Band Baajaa Bride and Kingfisher Calendar Hunt, she has also helped build a new generation of hugely popular TV anchors. With Smeeta at the helm of NDTV Lifestyle, India’s only indigenously produced lifestyle channel is also India’s most popular lifestyle channel. So if it’s about food, travel, luxury, fashion, health or shopping, what India wants is what Smeeta Chakrabarti gets.

SUHEL SETH – Managing Partner of Counselage India and founder of Equus
Suhel Seth wears many hats – all with equal ease and customary elan. Renowned for his stinging social commentary, Suhel heads India’s only strategic marketing and branding consultancy. He is also Chairman of CII and FCCI’s marketing committee and an advisor to the Railway Board of India. The marketing guru and high-profile adman has constantly resisted being boxed in by definitions. His penchant for seamlessly slipping in and out of life’s various roles has seen Suhel work with acclaimed directors Mrinal Sen and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Kushwant Singh regards him as India’s best theatre actor. The author of three books, Suhel Seth is always one step ahead when it comes to rewriting his destiny. Versatile and vociferous, for this board member of London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, clearly all of life is a stage to excel on.

VIR SANGHVI – Advisor at HT Media
Vir Sanghvi is the pioneer of modern journalism in new India. In his early twenties, he became the youngest editor in the history of Indian journalism and helped usher in the magazine-boom. At various points in his distinguished career, Vir has been editorial head of India’s largest trade magazine, India’s best-selling weekly magazine, Delhi’s largest selling daily and the two most widely circulated newspapers in Eastern India. Vir’s articulate and incisive writing have made him one of India’s most widely read columnists. The camera fell in love with his polish and panache, and Vir now hosts TV shows on subjects as diverse as current affairs, food and high-fashion. His collection of food columns titled Rude Food won him the Best Food Literature Book at the Cointreau’s – the food world’s versions of the Oscars. Author of five books and an expert in fine wines, the versatile Vir Sanghvi is pure vintage all the time.